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University Presentation

November 27, 2013

So I did a presentation on Information Security at University today. I think it went rather well, however I couldn’t show a couple of the demonstrations due to some SkyDrive files only being available online. That sucked because those were my best demonstrations, but overall I was happy.

A few people asked me to put the website code up, so you can find it here: (or just view the code online here)

If you haven’t used Python before then I really recommend it. To get the website up and running follow these steps:

  • Download Python 2.7.6 here and install
  • Download PIP (a python package installer) from here
  • Extract, and run “python install” from within the directory. If you get an error complaining that “python” doesn’t exist then you need to add C:\python27 to your system path. Give it a google for detailed instructions.
  • Once that’s finished just run “pip install flask”
  • Go grab the vulnerable website code and then run “python” and you are ready to roll.

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