Dear Apple, I don't want your god-damn lossless audio

I want you to fix your freaking app first

Seriously. I’m sick of the bugs, unresponsiveness and missing features.

Here’s what just happened to me:

  • I’m playing my personal radio and hear a song I absolutely love
  • After a few tracks have passed I feel like hearing the song I love again
  • After pressing “back” a few times to get to the song it… refuses to play.
  • It says it’s playing but the it never moves passed 00:00 and there is no audio

Ok. Not great, I’ll just close the app and open it again. Maybe that will fix it.

Nope. The “now playing” has cleared and I’ve lost my song. Ok, well I can remember it… right?

Nope, I’ve forgotten the name. Ok, well I’m sure Apple Music has some form of recently-played list I can scroll through… right?

Nope. Nothing. Nada. Seriously. To be clear there is a “recently played” playlist, but if you’ve been listening to a dynamic station then it only shows that and not the actual music you recently played. Wow. Very useful. I even tried creating a smart playlist in my desktop Apple Music, but this only works with music in your library.

So we’ve got a music discovery service that does not let me discover music I’ve listened to. It’s unresponsive, frequently crashes, often de-syncs from my HomePod and sometimes creating a station just outright fails. But not with a message, oh no. Just a blank page.

And to top it off now I’m stuck with the faint idea of a tune going around my head that I just cannot place.

Fix your fucking app.