Creating an index of Apple Watch/MacOS/iOS features per-country


tl;dr: check out, and

I recently brought an Apple Watch. It’s a pretty fantastic product! One thing that quite annoyed me while evaluating if I should buy it is that features can vary quite drastically per country, and there was no simple way to get a list of the features available where I live!

Apple does of course have a page that gives a breakdown, but it’s not exactly easy to read.

It gives a big breakdown of every feature and every country. You would have to go and compose a list yourself!

So I built a quick script to scrape this page and produce a useful site that gives you a breakdown per-country:

You can see the features available in Portugal here, or select your own country here

How it works

The scraper itself is quite simple, it goes through the .section-table elements and produces a list of feature names and the countries where this feature is supported. Once we have a complete set of all features we can work out which countries don’t have a feature, and write all this information to a large number of .json files.

The hard part here was that the names Apple gives some countries are not their official ones. I created a number of overrides by hand, which seems to work well enough.

I decided to use Hugo to generate the final site, so the scraper produces a Hugo content page for each country. Hugo will read the JSON contents when it builds the site and produce pages listing the features.

Another neat feature I added was the ability to use Netlify redirects, which allows you to press a button and be redirected to your countries features without needing me to write any JavaScript!

Pretty cool little project, if I do say so myself.